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Regarding iWallet


We believe that our customers should have the convenience to manage their transactions securely in any place at any time.


Transaction should be processed in a reliable and highly secure manner.


Transaction details should be visible to the users at any time.


Transaction should be processed in a highly efficient manner.


Our platform should be accessed conveniently using different devices.


Transaction fees should be reasonably fair to let the users enjoy the monetary value of their transactions.

Business Model

iWallet Limited established support desks in Europe, Philippines, and Hong Kong which initially started with a 20 full-time staff team. Our business can be referred to as a comprehensive transaction service system that can be linked to online micropayments that deals with small transactions. Our marketing scope covers Japan, China (except Hong Kong), Malaysia, Europe etc., and is focusing on expanding on Asian countries where a relative need for microtransaction is expected.

iWallet operates its business using the online platform “iWallet” and contributes to providing a safe, transparent, speedy and convenient online transaction service for individuals and businesses who are looking for a platform with reasonable and competitive commission charge. Our clients will have their own iWallet account where they can manage and operate their transactions.

Adhering to all the requirements and rules of the licensing country is highly considered during the whole process of business running and operation. Our compliance team is composed of licensed lawyers and experienced consultants who have the expertise in supervising business behaviors and have direct contact with relevant government agencies.

About Us

Address RM101, Maple House 118 High Street, Purley, London, United Kingdom CR8 2AD
Company Name iWallet Limited
Address Office A, 12/F, Vinent House, No 513-515, Lockhart Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.
License Money Service Operator (MSO)
License Number 14-03-01380