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Business Users

The most competitive settlement charge in the business field!
New settlement tool with no extra charge!

iWallet is a low-cost and easy-to-use settlement tool. The fees are set according to business needs to help maximize profits, especially for micro-payments.

We provide API service to our corporate users, which allows their customers to make online deposit through the website at any time. Corporate user can withdraw money anytime with no restrictions in terms of date and time. In addition, a money request can be sent to collect a specific amount from another iWallet account holder, with an option to leave a message. Funds are transferred to the requester in real time once it has been approved.

The most competitive service charge in the business field!
Multiple transactions can be done at once, regardless of the amount!

Batch processing can be done to multiple individual accounts regardless of their location. This is a convenient way to make payments to your worldwide affiliates by filling out the necessary information in the CSV file.

We offer customized payment solution to support businesses like ecommerce website, affiliates and other industries. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Fee List

USD and 6 other currencies (EUR/GBP/JPY/SGD/HKD/CNY) are available.

Wire your money to our appointed account and it will reflect on your iWallet account with the same currency you have deposited. Choose from our available currencies (JPY/USD/EUR/GBP/SGD/HKD/CNY) which one you would like to deposit in.

For internal transfers, depending on the receiver’s preference, currencies may vary between different accounts; you are allowed to select your debit currency and beneficiary currency for business purposes.