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Individual Users

Top up your account immediately with no service charge! Seven of the world's most used currencies are available!

iWallet corporate account holders can make an instant deposit to individual accounts with no additional service charge.

The money request option allows customers to collect funds/payments conveniently from a specific account. With seven currencies (JPY/USD/EUR/GBP/SGD/HKD/CNY) available, instant currency exchange can be made online to satisfy customers' various needs.

We only choose reliable and highly-efficient bank to conduct our deposit and withdrawal services.Credit cards can also be used as a highly convenient tool for making deposits and withdrawals!

You can deposit to your iWallet account by transferring money to our listed bank account. Local transfer is available to selected countries.

iWallet users can easily transfer money to other iWallet accounts, or to their own iWallet-purchased Prepaid Card. Our Prepaid Card is an internationally branded card, which can be used worldwide to shop (physical stores), pay (online), or withdraw money from an ATM in your local currency. Service charge may occur when transferring money to the Prepaid Card.

Fee List

Open your iWallet account easily!

Sign-up and use your iWallet immediately!

Upgrade your account and enjoy our full service!

No charge to open a new account. Apply for the Prepaid Card that we offer by providing KYC documents (Proof of Identity and Proof of Address), which also automatically verifies the iWallet account, lifting certain limitations and restrictions, in order to enjoy full account services. KYC includes proof of identification and address.

More Details

Seven Currencies are available! (JPY/USD/EUR/GBP/SGD/HKD/CNY) Currency exchange and internal transactions can be done instantly!

Top up your iWallet Account using your credit card

Top up your iWallet Account through your bank. Withdraw money from your iWallet account to your bank

Internal transaction can be done and will reflect to your account instantly. No deposit service charge to individual account holder!

Our Prepaid Card makes it easy to transfer money from iWallet account. It can be used to withdraw money from ATM in local currency and conveniently settle shopping payments.

Regarding Prepaid Card