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Account Opening Instructions

Individual User

Easy to open your iWallet account.

1. Choose your account type: "Individual" or "Corporate", enter your email address, and then click Next.

2. Fill in the fields shown on the application page (name, country, date of birth and password) and an email will be sent to the provided email address for verification.

3. The verification can be done by clicking the URL in the email. Payout limit is HKD 8,000 (USD1,000 equivalent) for users without KYC documents.

Individual Account Upgrade

For users who want to remove the payout limit and enjoy our full account service, additonal information like address, phone number and KYC documents are needed. Verification normally takes 1-2 days to complete. Once done, user will be upgraded to executive membership and enjoy our services without limit.

Regarding KYC Verification

For an efficient and convenient processing, we suggest to our applicants to prepare a scanned copy of their KYC documents before applying to be verified. Submission of KYC documents is a must to verify an account. The requirement are as follows:

  1. Proof of Identity: 1 Proof of Identity: Copy of Passport or Driving License with atleast 3 months of validity remaning. The personal information page needs to be fully scanned or photographed clearly, showing all 4 corners of the document.
  2. Proof of Address: 1 Proof of Address: Copy of utility bill, bank statement, or resident card. The expiration date must be more than 3 months or the issue date must be within 3 months. Driver's License can be used as proof of address as long as you will use your Passport as the proof of Identity.

The file size should be less than 5 MB in JPG, JPEG, PDF, PNG or GIF format.

Please note that both documents should be valid in order for the account to be verified in order to enjoy full account services. The KYC verification status can be checked when you login to your account.

Corporate User

  1. For corporate account opening or business needs inquiry, please contact us via "Support".
  2. We shall send you the account application form via email once we receive the request.
  3. Please send us the whole set of your KYB (Know Your Business) documents along with your account application form.

Our company complies with the MSO license standards; corporation located in different countries may have different business schemes, please contact us for further details.

You can reach us by filling out the form in our “customer support” page or ask us for relevant documents in advance.

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