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iWallet Limited E-commerce Services Terms and Conditions

iWallet Limited E-commerce Services General Agreement

A: Definition

The terms of use in matter define specific terms as follows:

  1. iWallet: Indicates the E-commerce services that iWallet Limited provides through the world wide information network known as the Internet.
  2. IWL(HK): This is shortened for iwallet Limited.
  3. The account of iWallet : Clients are able to login to their respective online accounts on the www.iwl.hk or www.iwl.world. The following acts can be realized via iWallet : internal transfer, wire transfer, money exchanging, and integrate with your CARD.
  4. IWL Limited official website: www.iwl.hk or the website provided at our official website's sub-domain.
  5. Client: Those who receives the service of IWL as an individual or the individual who may receive the service in the future. As for corporations, the owners of applicable companies, shareholders, directors or applicable authorities who have the influence towards management of the incorporation as well as incorporate representatives who are in use of iWallet.
  6. Transactions: All transactions services are provided by IWL's official website.
  7. Registration ID: A name (letters and numbers) determined by the clients when logging into iWallet, which is used for identification purpose.
  8. Password: A password (letters and numbers) determined by the client when logging into iWallet and make transactions, which is used to identify the clients, and can be changed at any time after he log into account.
  9. "Submit" Button: The button which is set up within iWallet to execute product applications and information updates.
  10. User Type:
    Standard users: Users without KYC documents verified.
    Executive users: Users with KYC documents verified.

B: Account Structure

  1. iWallet consists of products or services of the followings:
    • Money changing service
    • Transfer Money service
    • Prepaid Card service
    • Other service related to Money Service
  2. iWallet is provided as an integrated service including those above. These account services are provided to individuals or corporations. An individual shall hold one account, a corporation has rights to hold multiple accounts within iWallet permission under applicable law. In addition, the application of iWallet account will be not be accepted if the applicant has not yet reached the age of legal adult in accordance with the laws of his/her country or residential place.
  3. All iWallet holders are required to abide by IWL(HK) iWallet terms and conditions for each product and service.
  4. IWL(HK) has the authority to reject iWallet opening without notifying the reason to the clients under applicable laws and regulations. Moreover, it has the authority to restrict or suspend the account over the course of time while clients are using their iWallet, in case of the account transaction is in conflicts with the Terms and Conditions of IWL(HK), such as money laundering, terrorist activities and other illegal activities. For iWallet account closure, an administrative fee will be charged on the balance of the client's iWallet. For the details of Administrative fees, please refer to the Fee List.

C: Identification

IWL(HK) confirms all client ID documents when clients apply for an iWallet, adhering to identification procedures it determines, including information of client name, address, date of birth, gender and other identical information to determine the individual or corporation at the moment that IWL(HK) provides with its service to such applicants. In the case there is either default or false information, or when IWL(HK) consider to be obliged to, IWL(HK) has the authority to reject the iWallet opening or closing the account without notification to the clients. IWL(HK) also has the authority to request additional identification documents from the clients when a series of linked occasional transactions could meet or exceed the CUSTOMER DUE DILIGENCE(CDD) thresholds of HKD 8,000 for wire transfers or client is confirmed to a special identity by authority.

IWL(HK) may request additional identification documents for confirmation purposes in the iWallet opening stage, after opening stage or closing stage. IWL(HK) will contact clients through client's registered Email address or phone number. If such required documents submit to IWL(HK) remain incomplete within 30 business days after the establishment of business relations, IWL(HK) could suspend business relations with the client and refrain from carrying out further transactions; and IWL(HK) could terminate business relations with the client if such required documents are not completely submit to IWL(HK) within 120 business days from the establishment of business relations.

IWL(HK) does not cover the loss or damage whatsoever clients might receive through clients' identification procedure, contacts, iWallet freezing or termination.

Clients are to consent to the agreement that all information submitted and entered are correct, and that IWL(HK) has all the authorities to confirm the information by all means. If there is any change to the information as registered, clients must notify IWL(HK) immediately.

D: Dormant Account

IWL(HK) has the sole right to suspend the Client’s iWallet in which there have not been any transactions for over 90 days after account opening without prior notification. If the Client wishes to reactivate the suspended account, please contact IWL(HK) customer support at cs@iwl.world and he/she might need to provide the KYC documents (Proof of Identity and Proof of Address) for checking.

Inactive Account Maintenance Fee will be charged to the Client's iWallet in which there have not been any transactions for 180 days (1 year for Corporate Clients) after the last transaction was completed. "Transaction" includes internal transfer, wire transfer, currency exchange, card top-up, and other monetary transactions including the deduction of Monthly Account Maintenance Fee for Corporate Clients. Login to iWallet, changing personal information, or checking transaction history does not count as transaction. Administrative fees are listed on the Fee List.

E: iWallet Fees

Fee List associated with iWallet are determined apart from this Terms and Conditions. IWL(HK) is in charge of fee renewal, revision and has the authority to withdraw fees from any currency account at any time, and Client shall pay attention to the renewal or revision of fee from time to time. Any renewal or revision of Fee List will be updated on IWL(HK)'s official website. In case clients do not cancel the iWallet in designated period when IWL(HK) issues the renewal or revision of Fee List on official website, IWL(HK) will assume that clients agreed to the revised or renewed fees.

Should clients trade more than certain amount of money, IWL(HK) may charge certain percentage of additional fee of the total transaction amount.

F: Support Service

The support service of transactions will be executed on IWL(HK)'s business days by IWL(HK) via email. Requests of support services submitted outside iWallet business hours and will be carried out on the next business day. IWL(HK) does not accept any liability regarding the loss or damage caused by system failure, repair or maintenance without prior notice, regardless as mentioned in the above.

G: Refund

IWL(HK)will follow specific procedures of compensation should a refund balance in favour of the client occur. IWL(HK) has the right to make decisions whether the current case should be refunded when the total amount of refund exceeds the amount of refund requested by IWL(HK). IWL(HK) shall accept no liability to a client for the costs and responsibilities incurred by a dispute caused when there are disputes between a client requesting a refund and a third party.

Clients are not allowed to exercise the chargeback right other than for unauthorized use of the payment instrument or for a breach by IWL(HK) of these Terms and Conditions which would result in clients having a right to a refund of the uploaded amount. If clients do cancel or charge back their credit cards in such circumstances, clients are responsible for refunding the payment. Clients acknowledge and agree that IWL(HK) may, at its discretion, recover the amount of the charge back by deducting the balance from the client’s iWallet or otherwise collecting such amount from the client, and reserve the right to charge the client the fees IWL(HK) incurs in connection with such chargeback which includes but not limited to transaction fee, handling fee, the difference in exchange rate and any action undertaken to challenge the same.

H: Retention of records regarding client's identity and transactions

All documents and records regarding a client's identity and transactions should be kept throughout the whole business relationship with the client and for a period of six years after its termination.

I: Remittance

IWL(HK) has the right, at its discretion, to cancel the Remittance without notification to clients when there is a remittance request under which money will be remitted to high risk countries, Hong Kong, the United States or regions according to guidelines issued by FATF.

Should there be any differentiation between the written currency and the transferred currency as clarified; IWL(HK) will deposit the incoming remittance to the client's iWallet at the certain exchange rates issued by relevant financial institution certificated by authority.

J: Anti-money Laundering & Anti-Terrorist Financing

In accordance with relevant guideline on AML/CFT issued by FATF, IWL(HK) will disclose its information if requested by the authorities with intention to anti-money laundering and anti- terrorist financing measures.

IWL(HK) will conduct its business in conformity with the highest ethical standards in the countries in which it does business, and will adhere to all laws and regulations pertaining to financial organizations. It is vital for all IWL(HK) customers, agents and employees and associates to fully understand those actions that may violate applicable AML or counter-terrorism statutes.

IWL(HK) has the right to request evidentiary transaction document support or investigation support from clients regarding international transfer. If there is no submission support, IWL(HK) has the right to refuse or limit the transactions of clients. IWL(HK) has no obligation whatsoever to compensate or owe responsibility to those clients. IWL(HK) may suspend trades or cancel iWallet with its own discretion in accordance with demand from authorities concerning halting money laundering, terrorist financing, all types of warranted individual, funding incorporates and such. IWL(HK) does not have the responsibility to compensate for these losses.

Moreover, the clients are responsible for indemnifying any damages or loss thereof for IWL(HK).

K: Cancellation

Clients are allowed to cancel iWallet or its subsidiary products according to the terms of use or respective account terms. Clients are required to submit specific documents which IWL(HK) demands in cancellation. Also, credit cards, debit cards or cash cards corresponding to iWallet should be returned to IWL(HK). Costs generated by cancellation should be paid by clients.

IWL(HK) has the sole right to cancel iWallet without prior notification to the following clients:

  1. If IWL(HK) finds a non-existent account holder or if an iWallet was opened without the account holder will;
  2. If there is false information on opening an iWallet, or if the information is suspicious;
  3. In case a third party was technically using a client's iWallet, or regardless the purpose, a third party indicates other person's e-mail address or information to open an iWallet;
  4. If an iWallet client violated a law, or public order and morality, or is under suspicion;
  5. If the iWallet holder is no longer of existence;
  6. If the client breaches the debt collect request from IWL(HK), and is violating the terms and conditions;
  7. Person who resides at Hong Kong/the United States, HongKongnese/American, Corporate of Hong Kong/the United States and the Corporate connected with Corporate of Hong Kong/the United States;
  8. If IWL(HK) considers the client should be forced to cancel the iWallet;
  9. If the client proves to be involved in anti-social groups or has relationship with them;
  10. When a client takes actions as the followings;
    1. Violent demands.
    2. Demands which is out of bounds of law.
    3. Actions which uses threat or violence.
    4. Actions to destroy IWL(HK)'s publicity or interfering IWL(HK)'s business activity by spreading false information, using fraudulent means or threat.
    5. Actions whatsoever which are equivalent to actions (1) to (4).
    Clients are responsible for fees associated with IWL(HK)'s cancellation of iWallet of the above causes. IWL(HK) is not responsible for all the loss and damage the user might cause for cancellation according to this section.
    In case of the balance of iWallet account could not to pay the service fee, IWL(HK) has right to freeze the iWallet account, and IWL(HK) has right to terminate the account after 3 month from the service fee in debit. Client shall take all fees and charges incurred by such debit.
  11. IWK(HK) reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to suspend or discontinue the service if there is any conflict between the purpose of using the services and the laws of the Client’s resident country or the obligations that the Client should comply with. Additionally, all the services will be terminated when the use of service is considered improper.

L: Property Inheritance

In the event of death of an iWallet holder, the account shall be canceled as described in section L. The funds of the account shall be transferred to the account of an inheritor who must provide legal documents to prove the demise of the account holder and the inheritor's relationship to the account holder.

IWL(HK) may at its own discretion to freeze the iWallet account until IWL(HK) has received proof of the account holder's demise and of and the inheritor's relationship to the account holder. When IWL(HK) receives this documentation, IWL(HK) shall transfer the remaining funds on the iWallet to an account appointed by the inheritor and close the original account.

In the event of death of the authorized iWallet Corporate account holder, the corporation shall provide IWL(HK) with a warrant of attorney for the new account holder. IWL(HK) will then register this, and transfer authorization of the iWallet to the new account holder.

IWL(HK) will only conduct a formal checking of the legal documents provided by an inheritor or a relevant third party and shall not have responsibility of any virtual checking; so IWL(HK) shall not be liable for any losses or damages caused by false information provided by inheritor or the relevant third party.

IWL(HK) has the right to collect the transaction fees incurred by property inheritance.

M: Prohibiting Disposition and Pledge

Clients are prohibited to handover iWallets or the corresponding services or set up their right to third parties for usage by third parties.

N: Process of (Registered) Information Changes

Clients shall notify IWL(HK) of updates on the registered information when clients lose the Password or if there are changes in the registered information such as name (corporation name), address (office address), phone number, mobile phone number, E-mail address, or any other changes thereafter. Clients shall provide the documents with regard to information changed to IWL(HK) under the requirement of CDD under applicable law.

IWL(HK) may notify or send transaction records to the clients' registered Email address and name based on the application of clients. IWL(HK) shall be entitled to limit the client's iWallet usage when IWL(HK) receives those notifications or documents back. This solution is also applied when the registered Email address is invalid.

IWL(HK) has no responsibility for damages which clients have caused due to clients' failure on notifying IWL(HK) in time.

Cases exist when delay or refusal of posts or Emails to registered address or Email address is conducted by clients or due to delivery fault, IWL(HK) shall still assume that those posts or Emails are delivered with normal time and on normal date. IWL(HK) does not hold any responsibilities regarding the loss caused under cases thereof.

O: Matters Related to Disclaimer

IWL(HK) will execute its clients' iWallet transactions through affiliation with other banks with care. Transactions executed by clients' iWallet will be assumed as trades executed by its genuine users, which means IWL(HK) has no liability to any loss or damage caused by fraudulent users, access abuse or other cases of abuse regardless of any reason. IWL(HK) also has no liability to its clients regarding irrelevant causes from IWL(HK) such as forced transfer, war, disaster, riot, economic sanction, legal restrictions or orders. The same goes with effects from deliberate or delinquent accidents, defaults, bankruptcy of affiliated financial organizations, or orders from the authorities of Hong Kong. IWL(HK) also does not take any responsibility for the loss or damage of failure of service to clients when there are unavoidable reasons for inconvenience with communication equipment, lines, server failures, software failures or outages. Clients are to agree to IWL(HK)'s transaction value records as correct unless there is evident discrepancy with IWL(HK)'s client record and clients' own record proved by written document of transaction records. IWL(HK) will assume the clients have agreed to the trading history in iWallet as correct when there is no notification by clients within 14 days from presented trade history date.

IWL(HK) does not deal with changes or cancellation of executed transactions after six months of the execution date.

P: Management of Client Information

  1. Client Information is to be managed subdued to the KYC policy IWL(HK) solely determines.
  2. IWL(HK) has the right to run its business including outsourcing management of client information to a third party according to the KYC policy noted above.
  3. Also IWL(HK) will disclose its client information when there is any request from relevant authority, court command, or the government authority.

Q: Dispute Resolution

Any and all disputes arriving under this terms and conditions shall be resolved by Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre. All disputes hereunder shall be governed by the laws of Hong Kong. All parties of this terms and conditions consent to jurisdiction in Hong Kong.

R: Change of Transaction Terms and Condition

  1. This Terms and Conditions are updated continuously with IWL(HK)'s decisions and will be valid from the updated date. IWL(HK) has the right to determine all the terms, regulations and procedures concerning transactions that are not mentioned in this article.
  2. IWL(HK) will change and notify its clients of the Terms and Conditions content on IWL(HK)'s official website including the iWallet website. After the amendments, clients are to follow the renewed article and IWL(HK) assumes that clients have consented to the changes in the services, transactions and iWallet unless they apply for cancellation of their iWallet.

S: Other Notes


Clients are to comprehend the risks of marginal gain or loss within iWallet, since it is a multi-currency account and therefore it is affected by foreign exchange rates fluctuations. Clients are to consent to IWL(HK)'s determination that their iWallet is not to be protected under any risk with regard to the fluctuations of exchange rates.

Trade Limits

IWL(HK) has its arbitrary right to stop or limit the iWallet service for clients depending on rapid market fluctuations or global economic volatility. IWL(HK) does not have the liability to clients to cover for any loss incurs in this case.


Taxes, if any, imposed by legal taxing authorities on the use of the iWallet platform, however designated or levied against money transfer, currency exchange or funds stored therein, shall be paid by the client.

IWL(HK)'s Official Website

IWL(HK) offers clients foreign exchange rate, interest rate and financial information intended to aware client as reference, and shall not be regarded as recommendation or assuring trades based on the information provided.


This Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted in accordance with the plain English meaning of its term.

iWallet Service Terms & Conditions

A: Matters Concerning Security

The terms of use in matter define specific terms as follows:

  • Clients are to strictly protect information such as Registration ID, Login Password, Also they are not allowed to disclose information to IWL(HK) certified Official Agent, IWL(HK) customer support or any other third parties.
  • When logging into iWallet system, IWL(HK) may freeze the client's iWallet service if the client uses fault Registration ID or Password as registered for multiple times. Please contact customer support for re-activation.
  • If clients lose their Registration ID, Login Password on their own or on account of others, notify IWL(HK) immediately and request iWallet freezing. Afterwards with certain method, Registration ID, Login Password and Login Password will be issued again to your registered Email address.
  • IWL(HK) does not have the liability to cover for the damage before completion of necessary procedures, unless there is deliberate or critical delinquency on IWL(HK).

B:Business Hours

  1. Transaction hours of iWallet are to be determined for 24 hours per day, every day of the week. However, IWL(HK) reserves right to change the transaction hours of iWallet platform services according to actual business development and applicable law.
  2. IWL(HK) does not have the liability regarding the loss or damage caused by system failure, repair or maintenance without prior notice, regardless as mentioned in the above.

C:Limit to the Amount upon Using the iWallet

Limit to using amount of iWallet is to be determined by IWL(HK).

D: Registration ID and Password

Clients are to set up username, passwords with the iWallet application. Clients are open to logging in to iWallet by using their login password for accessing iWallet system and transaction history and etc. Using wire transfer or internal transfer in iWallet system, clients are required to enter their password to login.

IWL(HK) identifies the clients based on their information such as passwords registered on the iWallet system. IWL(HK) will assume iWallet users to be accessed by its proper clients as long as the password matches the registered information. IWL(HK) has no liability whatsoever to its clients to cover the loss or damage when password is fabricated, forged, stolen, abused or is under any other violation. Clients are to consent to the identification procedure as stated in this article and protect their login information of iWallet without presenting to a third party. Clients shall contact IWL(HK) immediately if the username and passwords are doubtful.

E: Request for Money Transfer and Wire Transfer

  1. Money Changing refers to the money transfer between available currencies within an iWallet nominee's account.
  2. Internal transfer refers to Money transfer between holders of iWallet.
  3. Wire transfer refers to the remittance from iWallet to a oversea bank.
  4. Cooperation in Money transfer refers to IWL(HK) provides the money transfer service under the instruction of the Corporate Client on the base of cooperation.
  5. Clients must enter the correct information for transfer within their accounts, iWallet to iWallet transfer, overseas transfer and transfer to affiliated organizations. Clients will be requested to click on the "Submit" button after entering their required information items. After execution of their requests, clients are to consent they do not have the right to make objections whatsoever and that they are valid. IWL(HK) does not have any liability to its clients even when execution of their requests failed or was postponed because of errors or defaults due to their request information.
  6. Clients are open to making use of transfer within iWallet internal transfer, overseas transfer or transfer to affiliates under the limit of transaction amount per day or per transaction. IWL(HK) has the right to change the transaction limit without prior notice to the clients.
  7. Clients can check their transaction history about internal and international transfer, etc. on our iWallet interface. Furthermore, clients are to confirm IWL(HK) when they cannot view the screen or there is error in the transaction information after transaction requests were made. Clients are to agree to the condition that transaction requests are not always processed right after the request or within the same day requests were made. IWL(HK) does not have the liability for late response to process transaction requests.
  8. When there is failure of transfer within the same account, internal transfer, overseas transfer or transfer to affiliated corporate to specified accounts because of errors, defaults or other reasons, IWL(HK) will refund the clients to their accounts. Fees occurred by this event will not be refunded to clients without exception. IWL(HK) also has no liability to any damage that clients may suffer.
  9. Transfer within the same account, internal transfer, overseas transfer and transfer to affiliated corporations cannot be cancelled once the clients' request is final. If the balance of account is short of the requests, IWL(HK) will not execute the request.
  10. iWallet does not allow money-in and money-out from a bank account under the name of a third party for both individual customers and business customers. If an iWallet member made a money-out from its iWallet account, it can only withdraw funds to a bank account under the same name registered in its iWallet account. Furthermore, an iWallet customer can only deposit funds from a bank account to iWallet account under the same name registered in their iWallet accounts.
  11. For Standard users, they must provide the KYC documents(Proof of Identity and Proof of Address) for checking if the refund or wire transfer amount exceeds HKD8,000(About USD1,000).
  12. Accessing to the fund deposited by card to iWallet may take longer if there is suspicion of unauthorized use of card by Card Associations, banks or the Authority. At our discretion, IWL(HK) may request additional identification documents, including but not limited to: credit/debit card statement.

Updated on Nov. 23rd 2017